Min. Vehicle Equipment & Behavior Standards for PNWJeep runs
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Author:  John90XJ [ Wed Dec 06, 2006 7:04 am ]
Post subject:  Min. Vehicle Equipment & Behavior Standards for PNWJeep runs

The following is the minimum equipment required for participation in a PNWJeep event. Please be prepared if attending a trail run with us.

Remember, this is the minimum equipment. Lockers, skids, extra lighting and survival gear will vary depending on the event. Please review the level of difficulty you are going to encounter and then make a realistic determination of your capability.

If you're not sure, post a message in the trail event thread you're interested in and ask. Some things like lockers may not be needed in the summer but would be mandatory in the winter. It's better to know in advance.

We do not tolerate alcohol consumption while on trails runs or to/from the trailhead. Save your beers for the campfire. This applies to both drivers and their passengers. Excessive consumption or behavior that reflects poorly on the group will not be tolerated.

Our concern is the safety and enjoyment of all participants, even those that will be dragging you through the woods.


Valid driver's license

Valid vehicle registration

Proof of liability insurance

Functional parking brake

CB radio

Tow strap (recommend rated at 2 times the vehicle weight, no hooks or chains)

First aid kit

Hi-Lift or other jack capable of lifting the vehicle & tools to change tire

Spare tire of appropriate size, no temporary spares

Fire extinguisher

Seat belts for all vehicle occupants

Front and rear towpoints

Battery hold downs (no bungee cords)

Low range in transfer case

Sufficient fuel


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